The Cardreader-001 is an intelligent RFID access control device. Its original design was to allow underground locomotive drivers to access their equipment by means of a 13.5 MHz Mifare 4K Passive smart card.

Cardreader-003 is the third generation of this system. Some updates to the system were done to give the user even more control and connectivity.

specializes in
the design and manufacture of underground railway control systems. We offer a range of solutions to the mining industry, including battery locomotive controllers, battery chargers, AC locomotive controllers, auto re-closers, remote control systems for locomotives etc. We are continuously busy with new product developments to ensure that we remain leaders in the industry.

Safety and reliability are our main concerns in each and every design, this ensures that our products have a very low cost of ownership.Battery Electric was established in January 1989. A small dedicated team with vast experience in the field of traction motor control was soon approached by the Mining Industry to do research into the then problematic area of Solid State Battery Mine Locomotive Control. The Company has since grown to a compliment of 65 people, most with previous experience in the battery underground locomotive field, some dating back to the 70’s and 80's. We are proud to have highly qualified, graduated electronic engineers specialising in motor control and microprocessor control, supported by a team of dedicated and qualified technicians.
Our current market share exceeds 50% of the total Mining Industry due to the wide range of controllers available to the industry.
All our equipment is of local design and manufacture for our unique South African mining conditions and can be tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.

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